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Meet Caroline Lyle

In 2013, I left an executive level job with a supply chain/logistics company to form a marketing agency, serving supply chain technology companies in need of smart, cost-effective strategies for promotion and growth.

What I realized is that there is no one place to go for marketing and sales pros in our industry to find elevated marketing, business and sales benchmarking, tips and mentorship. Although there are a lot of blogs out there for general marketing, I’ve met so many truly bright supply chain professionals in our industry – and wanted to give them a forum to share their ideas and help educate others.

With over 30 years of marketing experience, most of which has been in supply chain technology marketing & sales, I’ve learned a lot from others. I wanted to pay that forward for others trying to learn the industry, individuals needing more elevated knowledge beyond the basics, and those who want to learn more of the business side of technology. Wait until you see some of the guest bloggers we are teeing up!

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